PF Sizing Guidance

I have a customer with some large PF presence and they are in
planning phase to migrate from 2007 to 2010. I am looking for some guidance
around the PF IOPS sizing. In the past unless the customer tells me that the PF
is being used actively as a mail-in folders or something close to being active like
a common user mailbox, I normally would design for just capacity. After
extensive search, I am not able to find anything concrete. It is all over the
place, I see some people say “for PF IOPS, design like normal mailbox”, others
say “use 10% of user mailbox IOPS”.


Right now I have sized them on 600GB FC drives on RAID 5.


Any guidance would be great.

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Re: PF Sizing Guidance

Hi Rajesh,

PF profiles vary wildly between environments, as there are often automated processes accessing the data.

I suggest grabbing performance data directly from the server, and have them identify the LUNs associated with their PF databases, then size it for 2010 unmodified from 2007.


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