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SCOM - Pool usage alerts applying to LUN's


In our Clariions we have a large number of Raid groups with LUN's in them. We do not use Pools.

We have sized these Raid groups to more or less exactly the size of 4 of the standard size LUN's we use. This means, logically, that there is almost no free space left in the Raid group.

The EMC management pack for SCOM 2012 has 2 alerts that are being triggered erroneously:

- Subscribed Capacity Percent

- Available Capacity Percent

I could turn these 2 monitors off generally, that would be fine for all our Clariions.

However, we als have a VNX, and there we use pools.  There, I very much do want to be alerted by these 2 monitors.

Problem is, I don't seem to be able to override based on a specific array. I can override on the Object, or on the entire class 'EMC SI Storage Pool'

How can I turn of  of override the alert globally for just the Clarrions, but keep it place for our VNX ?

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Re: SCOM - Pool usage alerts applying to LUN's


You could try creating a group that targets the same target that is used for the rule or monitor and then either dynamically or individually adding each device to the group you then can override on the group to turn them off. Just remember the target that the rule or monitor uses will have to be the target the group uses or it may not work to shut the alert off. If you need assistance on it I probably can guide you through it.

Scott the SCOM guy.

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