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SQL Server Storage Design Best Practice

SQL Server Storage Design Best Practice

Volume Alignment                                                                                       

A 64-KB offset (128 sectors) is a common value needs to be set for Linux/Windows 2003 or previous editions (not applicable to Windows 2008 or later).  Diskpart tool or EMC report can be used to verify.

NTFS Allocation Unit Size                                                                          

Recommended to use a 64-KB allocation unit size for data, logs, and tempdb during configuration of NTFS Allocation Unit Size

CPU Alignment with Data File Number                                                    

It is recommended to alignment data file number with CPU cores by 2, 4 or 8 etc.

Dedicate LUNs to Data Files                                                                       

  • LUNs should be dedicated to SQL Server data files. 
  • Separating data/log/tempdb at logical level even if shared at physical level facilities easier monitoring. 
  • Root of any mount point volumes should be dedicated for that purpose.
  • Use single partition per LUN for extend/grow.

Disks Configuration                                                                                     

  • Spread data files on RAID group consisting of more disk drives
  • Place SQL Server transaction log and database files on physical separated RAID groups
  • Place transaction log files on RAID 1/0 volumes.
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