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Sharepoint server 2010 Best practices


I found this article on Microsoft Technet On Sharepoint 2010 Best practices. I would like to know what are some of the pain points you run accross when design and implementing Sharepoint. If a service was provide to help you what would you like to see?

Some design decisions that you make for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can have a lasting effect on your environment and affect how well the solution performs. There are also operational practices that can improve performance and availability and provide a better experience for users and administrators. Many problems experienced by administrators and users can be avoided by reviewing concise descriptions of best practices for designing and operating SharePoint Server 2010 environments. The articles in this section summarize current knowledge and research from Microsoft Consulting Services and the SharePoint Server 2010 product team into a must-read quick reference for key design decisions and operational practices. Each article briefly describes the best practices for a particular environment or product area and provides links for additional reading.

Follow these best practices to help ensure that you avoid many common pitfalls and keep your SharePoint Server 2010 environment available and performing well. Use these articles as cheat sheets to help you get the most out of SharePoint Server 2010.


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Re: Sharepoint server 2010 Best practices

Good stuff to learn the best practice. We also find some docs talking about capacity management and sizing overview for SharePoint Server 2010. Hope it helpful. This article also describes how to maintain a good understanding of the capacity needs and capabilities of your deployment, by analysis of performance and volume data.

Though it is not specific to EMC storage. A few work can be customized.


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