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Spanning by EMC - now helping you protect Office 365

Hi everyone! Today announced the GA Spanning Backup for Office 365. Of course we back that data up, but more importantly we restore the data exactly the way it was before, so everyone in your org stays productive.

Here is how Spanning Backup for Office 365 will help you get stuff done for your users:

  • Daily backup of each Exchange Online mailbox. We back up data and metadata, retaining all previous versions, providing unlimited storage.
  • Easy restores to full and original state. View historical snapshots of mailboxes from any point in time, and restore some (or all) of that email. You can do this, or you can enable your users to do this
  • Cross-user restores. If someone leaves your org, simply restore their email to a manager or another user
  • Transparent status reports. Know status of your backups, along with guidance for resolving issues
  • Mobile-friendly. Manage your backups as well as restore data from your tablet or phone.

For more details about this new release, please see our blog post on the Spanning website. Or why not just check out our free trial and take it for a spin?

Let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you're going to be at the Microsoft World Wide Partner conference in Orlando this month, let me know...would love to meet in person to hear about the backup and restore challenges you're seeing on Office 365. I may be easier to find on Twitter (@gminks).

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