DVP 8 burning up!

I just got back from a trip abroad.

While on my trip my DVP 8 was charging and when I came back to it the unit was extremely hot.

I unplugged it and tried to turn it on.

The screen came on but was a white-grey color and the edges looked literally like they were burning up!

Eventually the unit showed all the icons on the desktop and programs could be opened but the battery was showing just a 10% charge or less.

I plugged it into another wall outlet and tried to charge it.

But the exact same results occurred.

Now I am back home and the unit will not even charge. No white light.

Can't turn it on.

Has anyone here ever experienced this?

Is it a doorstop now?

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RE: DVP 8 burning up!

It's alive again!  Smiley Happy

Today I was able to plug in the power adapter and get the white charging light.

I left it charging for several hours and eventually the white light turned off.

Had trouble turning it on, but eventually after several double/triple button presses it came back

to life. It started up doing a quick system check and then booted to my desktop.

Programs run!

Full battery charge!

I had almost given up on this puppy.


RE: DVP 8 burning up!

Good for you! 

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RE: DVP 8 burning up!

Well I am not quite out of the woods yet...

Here's what happened since my last post.

I let her cool down for a while. I shut down for more than a day (at full charge).

Today when I tried to turn her on, nothing.

I plugged in the power adapter and the white light came on to charge, but pressing to turn on didn't work (orange light).

This always means the battery has been completely drained. Not a good sign!

I let her charge up completely. Turned on, battery at 100%.

Didn't shut down, just turned off screen and came back a couple of hours later.

Down from 100% to 70% !!!

So there is an issue at the very least with the battery, possibly more.

What would you do at this stage?


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RE: DVP 8 burning up!

The battery has now gone from 100% to 20% in just a few hours with no usage whatsoever.  Smiley Sad

Out of warranty so Dell will not sell parts.

Any place to buy a new original battery?

Or could something have gone a foul on my trip that has screwed up more than the battery?

Something else is also strange here. The unit is warm when touching the back, and this is with it just sitting there with screen off and no apps being used.

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RE: DVP 8 burning up!

Even more weirdness.

With less than 15% battery now, I try to run configsys.

The screen goes grey in the middle (like when burning up before)

and the edges are dark black.

I am holding down top button, power button and top volume rocker and I hear from speaker:

"F14, Exiting narrator".

What the heck was that all about?

Screen is still black and back is hot/warm.

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RE: DVP 8 burning up!

More info.

Somehow got into the self-test.


Prim batt charge:  13,13,13

Batt health: 92,92,92

Batt Voltage: 3575, 3587, 3575

Batt current: -1782, -1748, -1782

Batt charging:  discharging, n/a, n/a

Batt therm: 35C, 35C, 34C

CPU therm: 57, 57, 50

Video therm: 57, 57, 50

and then in the end...

All systems passed!

Are any of these numbers screwed up?

The back is very hot again (no power adapter plugged in).

Any guidance would be appreciated here from those in the know.

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RE: DVP 8 burning up!

Still hoping someone with knowledge about this can pipe in with advice.

Despite the system test passing on all counts, when I charged the battery to 100% last night and did a full shutdown it would not turn on in the morning.

When I plugged in the charger the white light came on indicating charging.

When I pressed the On button with the charger plugged in, the orange light came on.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is a bad sign because it indicates the unit does not have enough charge to turn on.

It seems that at the very least, the battery has been severely compromised.

There could be other major damage here as well, despite the system test pass.

Believe it or not the following are images of my DVP8 with the screen trying to turn on at different times.

Note the 'burning' around the edges and the odd grey/black color of the screen.

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