Dells drop in design, manufacturing, technical support, and customer service

Issue:  Hopefully this reaches the powers that be in Texas not India.

 I have had 4 Dell computers in the past and have always praised your company.  

Now you are the worst.  Why, because of my Venue 8 Pro.....the micro-usb port on the tablet itself is broken...poor soldering, not securing it properly, definitely not doing any stress testing...When you have to insert and remove the microUSB cord each day, there is going to be stress and you didn't design nor manufacture with that in mind.... I have seen multiple issues regarding this on the internet and even You tube videos about your issue.

Now because my unit was out of warranty the end of December 2015, you are telling me it will cost me $240 plus dollars to fix your design and manufacturing flaw.   I haven't dropped it, in fact, there is not one scratch on the display...I take good care of my possessions.

You want to retain this customer....resolve my issue without holding out your hand.

By the way, you have to be one of the worst customer service companies in the world now.  

Designing and building poor quality products and not even fixing the problems.   Now you have tech support and customer service in India. No more Dell  or New Dehli in this household!

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RE: Dells drop in design, manufacturing, technical support, and customer service

If you're out of warranty, unlikely you're going to get a cost-effective fix from Dell.

Instead, save yourself grief, go to eBay.com, and do a search on "Dell Venue 8 Pro repair"--a variety of cost-effective repair services there.  I've always liked MYdeviceRepair (although have never used it)--$30 (including return shipping) and the microUSB port is replaced (and if you want, with a "traditional" microUSB port, which may be less problematic).

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