Latitude 10 ST 2 screen issue...

Good morning:

Several months ago the screen had a "bright spot" at the upper right corner. It has since spread outward and down with another area forming at the upper left corner. The spots are multi-layered below the actual display layer of the screen and are ragged on their edges. The different layers exhibit different shades with the newest areas bright white and the oldest a darker gray color. It does not affect the display information other than brighten/darken the backlighting. The touch sensitivity is unaffected.

There was a post from Nov 2016 on a similar issue but it contained no additional info. Can this be fixed with a new display screen? Is the screen replaceable? Other options? The tablet has never been dropped. It does travel with me everywhere and I hope there is a solution. I have several pics if needed.

Thanks and look forward to any replies.

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RE: Latitude 10 ST 2 screen issue...


Yes, it a replacement screen should resolve this issue,. You would need to call into support and have them setup service to send the unit back into Dell for replacement. 1-800-624-9896.

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