Latitude 12 rugged (7202) GPS and driver problème

Hello, I'm having some problems on my rugged Latitude 12 (7202) I just got! The torch function was not working, the rear camera disappeared and the GPS was not working. I reinstalled Windows 8.1. Now the cameras work well (do not install the driver DELL Site "7202_Application_Driver_R1MFY_WN32_10.0.10240.11155_A00.EXE" corresponding to "Liteon 8M Flash Driver" here generates a bug that removes the rear camera .By against the fonctionTorche is still missing ... For GPS, and although I have not found the driver on the Dell website (Ublox GPS) .... it does not seem to exist! I try the driver of latitude 12 Extreme rugged, GPS appears, but it does not work (error on com port). here gives the impression that the tablet is not properly finished at the software and driver part ???? Know where to find the driver for the GPS?

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