Latitude 7285 "inconvieniences" :)


I'm quite fresh Latitude 7285 user. I have been working on it just less than 2 weeks. In the meantime I have reinstalled it from scratch because factory setup was horrible. Basic info on configuration: Latitude 7285, i7, 8Gb, 256 Gb, WWAN, WIFI etc. standard keyboard, Pen 557W.

So now I have fresh Windows 10 setup, newest drivers from Dell Website, only default apps and MS Office and still have some "inconvieniences". I use the computer for business purposes (office work).

1) The most important - battery life - 35% screen brightnes, power savings turned on and tuned Windows Power Plan. Computer works from 4 to 6 hours. It is being advertised as "long battery life" while here we have just standard... My private MBP 2013 works 7h on 4Y old battery that screams about replacement Smiley Happy.

2) It happens very often, that after detaching and reattaching keyboard, touch pad doesn't work and I can see a kind of "pressing" on the screen - in Windows 10 you can setup a pointer on screen. And I can see this ball/point on screen then.

3) It happens very often that after wake up from sleep state it works very slowly. Even browser can freeze. You can switch from app to app in normal way (fast), but its content is not refreshing - especialy visible in Browsers - you know - a lot of pictures etc.

4) It happens very often that after wake up drom sleep step touch pad works very slowly. Reacts on my gestures after a few seconds and mouse pointer on scren is movig slower than turtle.

5) It is not confirmed yet, but I notice problems with WIFI network. System is connected but doesn't work. Nothing happens. 

6) You never know if it will change to tablet mode if you detach the keyboard. 

7) Pen 557W model is not visible in new installation of Windows system. I had been trying to pair it with my bt options but computer could not find it. Even if I hold top button for 20 seconds Smiley Happy. Finally it works but I do not know how. Is is associated somehow on hardare level? What about the "top button"? It is not working. How to connect pen with computer using lanyard? There is no hole in computer's body.

The cases from 2 to 5 I can solve only by restart a computer or sometimes even with 7 seconds or more procedure Smiley Happy.

Have you met with such troubles? Any suggestions how to solve or look for solution?

I do not understand some of above since I am a Windows 10 user. Nothing of that kind happend to me with my previous Latitude 7450 that I had been using more than 1,5 year.

I like this 7285 model. It is much lighter than previos version 7275 (?) that we tested at the beggining of this year. This is much better construction than Surface 4 or 5 with back support and flexible keyboard (I haven't seen Surface 5 yet). And 7285 has a modem built in - something I'm missing even in my private MBP. And I do really appreciate Dell Pen 557W and this screen and One note. This is the power... Especially if you spend 1/2 day on meetings and settlements.

I wish these problem will be solved, and that they are just a part of childhood problems.





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