My Dell Streak won't power up


On Saturday last week, I went into the O2UK shop to remove some restrictions from my phone.  once they had removed them, they told me to power down my device then to switch it back on and it should take effect (reboot).  I did this, and my device would not switch back on!

I then trolled the web for a solution, when i came across the following site....http://dellstreakforum.net/index.php?topic=159.0  i followed steps 1 - 5 and although this never worked 1st time, it persisted with this, and the phone came back to life! yey... i thought! Smiley Happy

now... my problem is that last night, my battery drained fully - sometimes i like to give the phone a full charge as i feel the battery lasts a lot longer this way (normally about 26 hours with me battering it!) - I went upstairs to charge my phone, and it would not light up to confirm charging!  I again followed steps 1 - 5 at step 2... the battery "?" symbol appeared, but then the rest of the steps would not do anything and it would not switch on.... it is now the next day, and i feel like i have lost my hand or something!  i need your help!!!!

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