Remote desktop experience degrades Win10 Pro x64 with Intel M-5Y10c CPU (Venue 11 Pro 7140)


Windows Remote Desktop. Both client and server are Win10 x64 Pro. I generally use remote desktop for system maintenance so I can do everything from my main PC.

When client remote desktops to other machines there is no problem and when connecting to my Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet (with an Intel M-5Y10c processor) there is initially no problem. Then, after some minutes, odd things start happening - menus apper to not open but in fact do open but cannot be seen. Menu options may become unreadable because the foreground font and background colour become the same. Sometimes after a short wait the menu option may become visible and sometimes it appears that moving the mouse a little encourages this but it is all inconsistent. It generally reaches the point where the desktop becomes so slow and inconsistent that it cannot be used and a reboot of the server is needed.

I have tried everything I can think of - updated display drivers, altered desktop settings, minimal configuration (no non-MS programs) reboots and none make a difference.

I can find no reports on the web of anything similar. Has anyone seen this or got any ideas?

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