Venue 11 7130 fans will spin but screen is blank

Hi, this isn't me asking for help but me putting some help out there. I have a 7130 pro and out of the blue it started resetting the date and time and then wouldn't boot at all. The fans would spin but there was no life. I trawled the internet for ages and saw people with the same symptoms as I have had. No one had an answer so I took apart my tablet and did some tests. I had the idea that the CMOS battery may be dying because the dates were resetting and maybe the BIOS couldn't load. I got my multi-meter out and the battery was at about 0.6v, which it is 3v when new. This may help some people.

Here is the part number for a new battery and I hope this helps people in the future. I believe this battery will work on other Dell tablets also but please check. You can find the part number of you battery engraved on it when you peel off the black plastic casing.

Part: CR1220

Lithium; Battery Capacity:38mAh; Battery Voltage:3V; Battery Size Code:1220; Battery Terminals:Flat Top; External Diameter:12.5mm; External Height:2mm; External W

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RE: Venue 11 7130 fans will spin but screen is blank

Hi smash4686,

Thank you for sharing this information.

Do reach back to us via private message if you have any other query along with the service tag of the system.

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