Venue 8 tablet micro USB port

I would love to see an answer to this as well.

I have a Venue 8 tablet. The micro USB port charges but will no longer do data. I just called for warranty support  since the tablet is less than a year old. I was told that it was "accidental damage" and since it charges that that the tablet is fine. What!? Thanks for nothing Hari Mani from Dell support in India. He refused to process the claim further.

So a USB port has four wires right? 2 for data and 2 for power - He couldn't comprehend that there is a possibility that a pin or solder joint (or maybe something else) failed. Just refused the warranty request end of conversation.

Wow. Thanks for nothing Dell. 

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RE: Venue 8 tablet micro USB port

Hi rsoandrew,

Thanks for posting.

Your question does not provide enough information to make an accurate determination as to what is causing the problem you're suggesting.  Here is an article you may find informative.

Please post back if you need additional assistance.  Thanks.

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RE: Venue 8 tablet micro USB port

Call and press the matter with a supervisor (nicely) until the warranty request is approved.  Dell has had issues with the port and seems to try to deny warranty coverage every which way--of course, the support rep. has no way of knowing how the port was damaged, if at all, before looking at it.  

An alternative is to go to a port repair service, such as via eBay.com (search on "Dell Venue 8 Pro repair"--I've liked the info. and listing from MYdeviceRepair, fixing or replacing the port for US$30 including return shipping).

Personally, I'd press the matter with Dell.  This strategy it is using is shameful.  

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