Venue Pro 11 - Charger dual rating

Hi, I was wondering whether the dual-rating on my venue Pro charger (19V/5V) means I can use it to charge devices that require 5V?

Obviously I realise this is fraught with danger if done willy-nilly but I have a windows phone and it would be nice not to have to carry both chargers when out and about.

I assume for it work safely the device has to "tell" the charger it requires 5V (and this can't just be assumed I'm guessing)?

Or am I completely off base about what the dual rating is about?

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RE: Venue Pro 11 - Charger dual rating


Thank you for writing to us!

We would not suggest you to use a different equipment on this adapter/charger as that may cause issues to the device and the drivers may defer as well.



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