Windows Phone 7 Dell Venue Pro crashed - Won't BOOT?

Hi, I was using my WP7 Dell Veue Pro 32G 7.5 Mango device this morning (Windows 7 Home 62 Bit with Zune ver 4.8.2345.0). I was listening to Last.fm and surfing the web at the same time over my WiFi. I noticed the phone stopped responding (it froze) so I turned it off and turned it back on. But it would not boot past the Dell logo.

Here's a video from another user who encountered the same issue (Skip to 1:21) I have the same Issue:


I tryed:

  • To let the battery die and recharge again - No Luck
  • Take the battery off and on- No Luck
  • I tryed connecting the phone to the computer but it wouldn't recognize

So, I did a Hard manual reset by pressing Power Button + Down Volume + Camera. But when I connect it to the computer I get the C101002E Error. I uninstalled the zune software and reinstalled and I even used the the Windows Phone support tool but it did not work either. My computer has the latest zune software and my phone is recognized but can't restore the phone.

Video from another user who had same problem but with HTC HD7:


I contacted Dell but apparantly they can't help me. They told me the Dell Venue doesnt have an actual hard reset like other WP7 devices. I ran out of warranty. They want me to call germany as the phone is from there (its the same company why can't I get help). Dell is NO LONGER SELLING DELL VENUEs  on their site I Wonder Why.

Does anybody know the correct button sequence to press to do a hard reset as seen on this HTC WP7 (video below) but for the Dell Venue Pro?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 Dell Venue Pro crashed - Won't BOOT?

Bumping this now as I have same issue.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 Dell Venue Pro crashed - Won't BOOT?

Hi, similar problem with my Dell Venue Pro. Did you find a sollution? If yes please give me any ideas, casue it`s a nightmere to fight with this phone! Can not do anything.

best regards


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