may I update Android 2.2 to Android 2.2.2 at my dell streak

At the beginning of excuse for my bad English

I have my Dell Streak since 19.Dec. 2010 bayed by the big internet provider redcoon in Germany Aschaffenburg. The numbers at the phone today are:

Model: M01M

Type: M01M001

E Service: 161 658 459 37

Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTESmiley Frustratedervice tag removed per privacy policy>

PPID: CN-0WK2PN-74261-07O-001O-A00

IMEI: 354000030443297

Made in China

Android-Version 2.2

Baseband-Version: GAUSB1A131800-EU



Build-Nummer: 12821

I had a (5 crashes) big crash of data with the notice “Prozeß com.dell.launcher wurde unerwartet beendet, versuchen sie es erneut, schließen erzwingen”, The notice did not leave any more. The end was every time a factory reset and after a new installation the notice comes again and so on. In this case I had Android 2.2.2 at my phone. I have send my Dell Streak to dell-support in ungarn and now is at the phone Android 2.2. and the function is since 4 day’s ok. Now I become from Dell-internet the notice to update my phone at Android 2.2.2. The Dell-support at phone say’s, that I may not update to Android 2.2.2, my actual software Android 2.2 is ok. Must it be like that, I want update to Android 2.2.2, but I no more  want have data crashes at my phone.

Thank you and best regards


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RE: may I update Android 2.2 to Android 2.2.2 at my dell streak

is it possible to Install Phoenix OS on dell streak. I've seen this tutorial on How to dual boot Phoenix OS

this Phoenix OS is cool and packs android

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