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Venue 11 with Windows 10: Dell Wireless 5810e Mobile Broadband Problems

I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro (7140, Late 2014) and the WWWAN card seemed to have problems from the Start. 

Sometimes the mobile connection just stops working, and only deactivating and (re-)activating the mobile card fixes the problem. I even wrote a script to restart the card to solve the frequent mobile connection problems. I hoped for driver bugfixes, but nothing helped so far.

After upgrading to Windows 10 (mind you, Dell said, Venue 11 could run Windows 10). I first noticed I couldn't create a mobile hotspot(Mobile Hotspots können nicht eingerichtet werden. Roughly translates to Mobile Hotspots could not be configured). Mobile hotspot (from the Windows Settings) was no Problem on Windows 8.1. So it might be a problem with Windows, the drivers or a mix of both. I tried a lot of How-Tos for manually setting up the Hotspot, but to no avail.

Today I couldn't even get mobile internet connection. I ran the usual procedure: Restart (deactivate + activate) the Mobile Broadband card. Looked for telltale signs in the Device Manager. Rebooted Windows, I swapped the SIM. I ran the Windows diagnostics on the Mobile device, but it just gave a wrong error "the device is locked, please use PIN2 to unlock".

Finally I ran the diagnostics from the dell web-site and after that the mobile connection worked again. Probably, the diagnosis tools do some sort of reset.


Any hints on how to get the Dell 5810e Card to work reliably? What drivers do you suggest?

Currently I'm using 10.0.10240.16392 from Microsoft, because the Dell drivers won't install.

BTW, this is the script I used to restart the WWAN card.

netsh interface set interface "Mobiles Breitband" admin=disable
netsh interface set interface "Mobiles Breitband" admin=enable