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1704FPT Monitor Picture Able to Flicker but Won't Display

I have found several threads on this subject with no solution, so I was hesitant in bumping one of them.


  1. Monitor is 4 years old
  2. Came in and found monitor picture was black but power button on front was green.
  3. Cycling power using the power button shows the display for 1-2 secs and then it goes to black
  4. When the power button is cycled, the monitor makes some kind of psst noise which stops right before the brief picture display.
  5. Swapped the monitor with a monitor from another computer.
    The swapped monitor works fine on my computer
    The original monitor performs the same on the other computer: only brief picture with cycled power button
  6. I performed the "Self-Test Feature Check (STFC)" on the monitor that has the issue.  The STFC display comes on briefly (1-2 sec) then screen goes black

Can this issue be fixed?

For completeness, these are the other threads I found (thread starter/titles given in case links don't work in the future)


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Re: 1704FPT Monitor Picture Able to Flicker but Won't Display

Looking back at my own post history shows that I had a similar problem back in 2005 and was sent another monitor.

Since I'm now out of the warranty phase, would like to know if anyone actually found a solution other than that the monitor needs to be replaced.

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