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1907FP no image but have a green power light!

Ok I have 3-1907 setup on 2-XFX 8600GTS. Has worked great no issue. Used it last night workign on a website. This morning booted up and my #2 1907FP is not working. I have a green power light but no image. Failed Back light maybe...not sure that is the case. If I power it off then on again I get a brief image of the screen then it blacks out. I think that it is still in warrenty not sure did not have time to call Dell this morning.

I check the connection cable as I have had the digital connector loosen before. It is funny becasue my day job is IT Security and the last thing that I want to do is TS when I get home.

Just looking to see if anyone has run into this issue and if so what was the resolution. I will TS more tonight and post more. I hope that it is in warranty put if not what should I be looking for?

I have heard a cracking noise from this LCD when it would first be powered it was settling. But this was very random...and no it was not from the speakers....




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