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1908FP, won't connect to Windows 10 HP laptops

I have two HP laptops, both of which are Windows 10 and both of which connect to my Samsung monitor with no issues. However, when I try to connect my Dell 1908FP monitor via analog/VGA connection, I get a message that says:

2: Analog Input  In Power Save Mode  Press Computer Power Button Or Any Key on Keyboard or Move Mouse

and the power button changes from green to orange. However, moving the mouse or pressing the key does not connect the display. When I tried looking up this monitor, I don't see anything later than Windows 8. Is there no way for this monitor to work on a computer running Windows 10?

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Re: 1908FP, won't connect to Windows 10 HP laptops

There are no Windows 10 drivers or support for the 11 year old 1908FP. We only provided Windows 2000/XP driver.

Test on other PC with older operating systems.


The 1908FP has a Video Input select button. Press it and choose Analog (VGA) Input. If still no go, replace it.

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