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2209WA Warranty Replacement Issue

About 2 years ago I purchased quite a few Dell 2209WA monitors (5-6) and over the last few months two of them have developed a few problems.  One had a color uniformity / backlight issue on right ~0.25" of the monitor, and the other had problems with the USB hub which eventually resulted in several ports dying.  I pretty much waited as long as I could to replace either monitor as these two are used in a dual monitor setup.

The Dell 2209WA had an 22.0" 8-bit eIPS screen with a resolution of 1680x1050 and a brightness of 300nits.

Within 24 hours I received two refurb replacements, but these replacements were two U2212HM monitors.  These have a 21.5" 6-bit eIPS screen, a resolution of 1920x1080, and a brightness of 250nits.

Since I thought it was Dell's policy to replace or repair equipment to meet or exceed the original purchase I was surprised to find them shorting me on image quality, screen size, and brightness.  When I called in to my case specialist to plead my case I was then sent two 2208WFP monitors.  22" TN screen with noticeably worse viewing angles!

I have already talked with this representative two or three times regarding this issue, she claims to have escalated it as far as she can, but in the end Dell is only offering me two choices.  A replacement that is noticeably smaller, or a replacement with noticeably reduced image quality.  How can this possibly be in line with Dell's warranty replacement policies?

Is there anyone else I can talk to, or someone I can contact to escalate the issue further?

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Re: 2209WA Warranty Replacement Issue

I would agree that the U2312HM is more in line with the specifications of the 2209WA. But the dispatchers who actually substitute a monitor when we run out of the original monitor thought that the addition of the DP (DisplayPort) and the much higher resolution outweighed the subtraction of the Pixel Pitch, Brightness, and the 1/2". I can tell you that they will not substitute to a larger 23" or 24". That never happens. If I tried to setup an order going from 22" to either 23" or 24", they would simply cancel the order. I think your case specialist is doing the best they can in this situation.

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