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2408WFP Continued

The thread "2408WFP rev A01 is out, but what are the changes?" has gotten too long to manage. I am locking that thread and any new comments should posted here.




A new firmware version of the 2408 was released. As the monitors work their way through the supply chain it will become more and more likely that you will receive a version A01 monitor when you order new.


For those getting replacements, all refurbished monitors in service stock should have the new firmware. If you get a new exchange there is still a chance it will be A00 but that should diminish over time.


The new firmware addresses:


  1. Input lag.
  2. Not coming out of standby with some video cards.
  3. Changes the Sharpness settings to increments of 10 rather then 25.


Thank you for your patients through all of this, believe me it's been as frustrating for me as it has been for many of you.

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Who can I contact in Slovenia about FW upgrade?


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