2408WFP Solid green light, no image, can't turn off

I purchased my Dell 2408WFP from Dell in September 2009. It had been working flawlessly until a couple days ago. Now when I plug in the power cable, and only the power cable, the green power light turns on immediately even though I haven't pressed the power button, and it doesn't turn off, blink, or turn orange. Pressing the power button or holding the power button doesn't make a difference. The light always stays on.

I tried unplugging the monitor for several minutes, holding down the power button for 30 seconds, then plugging it in again. I also swapped out the power cable.

The problem started after I moved the monitor from a custom monitor stand back to the one it was sold with, which involved unplugging all the cables and moving it around a little, but I didn't think it suffered any trauma. It hasn't worked since then.

For the past few months I've been using it with a USB-C hub and a MacBook. The hub splits the USB-C output from the MacBook to USB and HDMI, which were both plugged in to the monitor. They were working fine before then. Is there a chance that somehow damaged the monitor?

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RE: 2408WFP Solid green light, no image, can't turn off

Based on your good troubleshooting, something internally has failed on this monitor. In my opinion, it's not cost effective to pay someone to diagnose and repair it. For $75 you can simply replace it.

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