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2408WFPb persistent irrelevant OSD message

Please help.  This monitor has an OSD that there is no S-video attached.  It's connected to the computer via DVI, and gets signal properly, but this message won't go away.  I've powered off and on, powered off and disconnected, turned it back on while disconnected and it passes the standalone test (no dvi signal message) but nothing has helped.  Any ideas?  


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Re: 2408WFPb persistent irrelevant OSD message

Did you at one time have an s-video device attached to the monitor?

* Power off the monitor
* Disconnect the power cord from the monitor
* Disconnect all monitor cords from the PC (USB, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, etc.)
* While disconnected, press and hold the monitor power button down for 5 seconds
* Reconnect the DVI cord to the monitor and to the PC video card
* Reconnect the power cord to the monitor
* Power on the monitor if it does not power on by itself
* Press the monitor Input Source Select button and choose DVI. What happens?

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