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3007WFP monitor has vertical lines and black


A year or so ago my 30" Dell monitor started having some problems where when it booted I would get a few coloured lines down the screen. Tapping it would fix it. After a while it got worse and not usable. I still have it sitting around and really want some advice on how best to fix this, or if anyone knows what the problem is or if someone has a cracked screen but parts okay that I could buy. I really would like to resurrect this awesome monitor.

It is out of warranty of course due to its age, I have had a look at it and the capacitors seem fine, I did also notice that when it was face down it seemed to bring the picture back occasionally but standing up you generally had no hope, a friend seems to think this could be a chip or something that perhaps has some solder come loose.

Any help will be appreciated. I've attached some images below to show what it does.


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