4k/5k monitors for mid 2010 MacBook Pro

I have a mid 2010 Macbook Pro but will be upgrading to a new Macbook Pro next year. I am looking for a monitor with up to date technology (4/5k?) that will also be compatible with the latest Macbook Pro as well as my older laptop. Looking to spend under $1000, closer to $500. I will be using it for web and graphic design.

Will any of the Dell monitors work with mid 2010 Macbook Pro (2560x1600 / 30hz) with Dual-Link DVI adapter and/or cable? My MBP has a miniDisplay port and USB 2.0.

I appreciate the guidance. 

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RE: 4k/5k monitors for mid 2010 MacBook Pro

Dell has not tested any of our newer monitors on the older MBP. You would be better suited to ask this question to the Apple users on their Forum. They will be familiar with the technical limitations of Apple products and Dell monitors.

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