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AW2518H, G-Sync, not crisp enough

Whats up guys, just bought the Alienware 240Hz G-Sync 1080 monitor and have a couple questions. I have not really change any settings besides making sure the monitor refresh rate was on 240Hz and enabling G-Sync. I played with the clear type text a little. Here is my issue, for example sometimes the text in discord does not look so crisp. but the reason I am thinking I am just being a little OCD is because when typing this the text looks great everywhere. I mean where I'm typing the text could look a little more crisp but I think that has to do with me playing with clear text. I just want to know if there is anything I am missing or can do to make the monitor more crisp. seems like some things are fringy, for example the play button on Spotify looks terrible but that just might be that program. I think I am being crazy but spending $400 on a 1080 monitor thought it would be a little more crisp. Let me know if anyone can help me out, or had some similar problems 

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