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AW2518H, Pixel-walking

I have the same problem with the fast/ super fast response time when scrolling in a browser or playing any game I have tried everything it seems like the colour is getting dragged and in games it also seems like whenever you make a movement the image goes from normal to super sharp which is very noticeable and annoying.

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Re: AW2518H, Pixel-walking


* What is the 20 digit s/n and A0x revision?
* Post a video showing us the issue
* Back the Hz down by degrees one at a time (200/144/100/60) and retest the game using Response time Normal, Fast, and Super Fast
* On what computer model, operating system, video card and cabling is the AW2518H connected?
* Does that video card have multiple out ports to test on the AW2518H DP in and HDMI in?
* Have you replicated the issue using a different computer?
* For my notes, send me via Private Message the AW2518H service tag number

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