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AW2518H, strange issues, #2

I have a similar problem, it randomly start to appear color lines every once in a while and sometimes a line would just stay and the only way to get rid of it is to turn off and on the monitor, I tried disconnecting the HDMI but the line stays so I know its not the GPU. I've only been with it for 3 days and it's already giving me problem.... I contacted the seller and I'm currently waiting for a reply to return it, unless there is a fix Smiley Sad

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Re: AW2518H, strange issues, #2

You stated, "similar". We need more data.


* Was this monitor purchased directly from Dell as new?
* If not from Dell, from whom did you purchase this Dell monitor?
* When was the purchase made?
* What is the non-private 20 digit S/N?
* What is the non-private A0x revision?

* What operating system?
* What specific PC model?
- If a Desktop PC, what video card? What video out ports are on the video card?
- If a Laptop PC, what video out ports are on the Laptop?
* Show in detail how the monitor is connected to the PC using all ports and cabling. Example =
PC GTX 1080 DP out port --> DP to mDP cable --> U2414H mDP in port
PC USB port --> U2414H USB upstream cable --> U2414H USB upstream port
* Have you gone into the monitor Menu- Others and reset to Factory Defaults, then retested?
* Run the monitor stand alone BID (Built-in Diagnostic). Post pictures of the BID colored screens

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