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Asus VG248QE monitor, best color settings, eye strain

Hello Everyone.

Recently, I Purchased the Asus VG248QE monitor for Gaming. But now, I am getting some eye strain while playing games.

I need to focus a lot and hence I get irritation and headache too quickly. Please suggest some good color settings and profiles that I can install on it to solve this issue.


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Hi @stanleykell651 ,

First, this is the Dell monitors forum. You might want to post the issue on the Asus forums.

Headache and eye irritation is very common in these days. If you are getting too much eye strain, then I recommended you to consult a doctor first.

Also, get blue light filter glasses for yourself and wear them while doing your work.

Asus VG248QE monitor comes with pre-calibration for eyes. But I found some references for you. Hope it might help.


the Asus VG248QE is an exceptional gaming monitor that shines among its peers for its 1080p display, excellent 144hz refresh rate, and unrivaled 1ms response rate. These specifications alone provide gamers with crisp colors, plus a lag-free gaming experience. Not only that, but this monitor also provides gamers with motion blur-free gaming, which is very much appreciated.  Combine its excellent specifications with its robust build and its unrivaled price, and you’ve got yourself one of the best 144hz gaming monitors on the market today. The Asus VG248QE is oriented more towards FPS games, where you need to locate an enemy who’s out of sight of your sniper but not out of reach. However, when using the monitor for the first time, you’ll notice that colors are a bit out of sort, and that’s unfortunately true. It would help if you did some calibrations and tweaking of your own to get the best action out of the monitor. That’s precisely what has brought us here today, as we’ve crafted the ultimate guide to walk you through ”how to adjust the Asus VG248QE settings” to maximize your gaming sessions.

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