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Attaching two monitors to Dell E5500 E-port

I have an E5500 and an E5500 E-port.  I have the correct DVI adapters for my two additional monitors.  I cannot get Win 7 to recognize the monitors.  How do I get my two monitors to work?

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Re: Attaching two monitors to Dell E5500 E-port

Hi btousley,

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I wanted to know if this set-up ever worked on the computer if yes what the cable connection that were used.

Also try to check with one monitor at a time and see if the computer able to detected it.

As you say that you are using E5500 port generally the DVI connections on an E Port are DVI-D will not function with a DVI to VGA adapter (These adapters require a DVI-I, digital connection interlaced with Analog connection.

If you have any questions further can reply back to us.

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Madhur B
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