Auto Adjust in Progress message when booting up.

I just took delivery of a Dell Dimension 5150 desktop with 1907FP with a Flat Panel Monitor.  However, the monitor comes up with "Auto adjust in progress" message whenever I start the machine.  The screen flickers when the message is displayed and stops when the screen reaches the XP logo.  I called up Dell Support and they told me that as the computer encounters first time software programs, the monitor is trying to find the best resolution.  This should continue for a few weeks until the computer reads all the programs.  I am not sure if this is a correct prognosis.  If it is then what happens when I download new programs over the life of the computer?
Could you please provide me with any pointers?  Thank you.
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Re: Auto Adjust in Progress message when booting up.

2407 using VGA connecton will display, "Auto Adjust in Progress" message when booting up and
starting up games.
No message if using DVI.

What cable you use may answer your queston.
What the tech told you may be true but I've never heard of that before.

From guide:
Auto Adjust
Even though your computer recognizes your monitor on startup, the Auto Adjustment function optimizes the display settings for use with your particular setup.

Select to activate automatic setup and adjustment. The following dialog appears on a black screen as the monitor self-adjusts to the current input:

"Auto Adjust In Progress"

Auto Adjustment allows the monitor to self-adjust to the incoming video signal. After using Auto Adjustment, you can further tune your monitor by using the Pixel Clock (Coarse) and Phase (Fine) controls under Image Settings.

In most cases, Auto Adjust produces the best image for your configuration.

Image settings: (My note:these are for VGA only not DVI)
Pixel Clock (Coarse)
Phase (Fine)

The Phase and Pixel Clock adjustments allow you to more closely adjust your monitor to your preference. These settings are accessed through the main OSD menu, by selecting Image Settings.

Use the - and + buttons to make adjustments. (Minimum: 0 ~ Maximum: 100)

If satisfactory results are not obtained using the Phase adjustment, use Pixel Clock (Coarse) and then use Phase (fine), again.

NOTE: This function may change the width of the display image. Use the Horizontal function of the Position menu to center the display image on the screen.

NOTE: When using DVI source, the Image Settings option is not available.

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Re: Auto Adjust in Progress message when booting up.

What you were told may/may not be right. Sounds a bit like 'it will ride up/ride down with wear' ( clothes store salesman).
After loading XP (or whatever) for the first time I don't take any notice much of what is said on the monitor as the v/card drivers are not loaded at this stage (normally - not sure with a dell box). After the v/card drivers are loaded & you use the drivers to reset the screen resolution to 'native res.) eg. 24" 1920x1200 & set it to highest 32bit color then no further mucking around by the monitor or system should be possible. This means that once XP loading gets to a certain point the drivers send a request to the monitor & since this is in the range of the monitor then everything is 'sweet' - or should be.
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