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C5519Q, DDM support, multiple sources, #2

Referencing this thread.

I just purchased a C5519Q and am trying to get the multiple input sources to show up on the screen as virtual monitors. I know Dell and LQ 4K monitors have this capability by way of software/drivers where you can arrange multiple inputs as virtual monitors on the single physical screen at the same time. 

Ideally, I would like something like 4 inputs in a grid like this: (or other formats as I want to split them up)

Displayport | HDMI1

HDMI2        | VGA

or 2 inputs side by side:

DisplayPort | HDMI1

I can't seem to find out how to make this happen with the DDM. I see "Span Multiple Monitors" option but that's greyed out.  Maybe there is a different driver/software to make this happen?


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Re: C5519Q, DDM support, multiple sources, #2

After doing more research, I believe the feature is actually called PBP - picture by picture in the industry.

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Re: C5519Q, DDM support, multiple sources, #2

This is a hardware design feature, not present in the C5519Q. It cannot be added by software alone.