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Cannot connect P2419H monitor via USB

Whilst I can connect my P2419H to my Lenovo P50 via HDMI, my preference is USB. However, I cannot get this to work. The laptop has USB 3.0 Type A male USB connections (I assume it's USB 3.0 as 'SS' is imprinted above the socket). I'm using the cable supplied with the monitor: USB Type A male (laptop) to Type B male (monitor). When the connection is made, the laptop issues the little sound which indicates a new device is attached, but all I see on the display is "No VGA cable - the display will go into Power Save Mode in 4 minutes". I discovered the input source on the monitor has 'Auto', 'VGA', 'DP', and 'HDMI'. It was set to 'VGA'. There's no 'USB' option. I tried 'Auto' but that just regurgitates the 'No VGA....' message. It seems odd there's no 'USB' option in the source menu, suggesting USB is not an option regardless of the USB connector on the monitor.. This suggests USB is not an option?
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