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Connecting Time Warner Cable (coaxial) to a Dell monitor

I'm looking at buying an extra monitor for my daughter for college to connect to the Time Warner Cable coaxial jack that is in her dorm room.   I'm looking at the E2009W 20" Dell monitor for $179.  I'm assuming  I have to buy a sound bar for sound.  But where do I find a cable to connect from coaxial to DVI?

Also, she got a Studio 15 laptop for college with a TV tuner card.  How do we connect that to her cable?  Is that the same cable as the one I need for the separate monitor?


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Re: Connecting Time Warner Cable (coaxial) to a Dell monitor

You can not connect the monitor to the cable without a converter box. There is no tuner in the monitor.

If the the tv card has a coax connector you can direct connect the cable to that.

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