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D2719HGF, Windows 10 boot, out of range

I've confirmed this issue using both a AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and Nvidia RTX 2070. When I cold boot my system, the POST and Windows 10 loading screens appear fine. But then as soon as Windows 10 boots, I get an "out of range" black screen.

I know this means there is a resolution conflict with Windows 10 and the D2719HGF, but what confuses me is it doesn't happen all the time. If I try to boot and get the error, I can turn the PC off and back on, and then it boots fine, no error, all without changing any settings.

I'm running the D2719HGF and Windows 10 at 1080p 144Hz using Display Port, no other monitors connected. If anyone has any recommendations for settings I can play around with that might fix this issue let me know.

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Re: D2719HGF, Windows 10 boot, out of range

I have had the same experience with this monitor. I am not sure what causes it either. The intermittent nature of the problem makes it difficult to isolate. When this happens, I use Remote Desktop to access the computer and it comes back up like nothing even happened. I believed the issue could have been with my graphics card, but I just replaced that and the issue persists. I am seeking a replacement monitor from Dell. For now, I am just leaving FreeSync off, not really sure I can tell the difference when it is on anyway.

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