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D3218HN, New Zealand, plug issues

first sorry if this is the wrong spot for this 

so i bought a Dell D3218HN off newegg it has just turned up and it has a plug that i have no idea how to use / what i can use for it it has to prongs and then a round pin where it plugs into the power plug 

my question is what cord/adapter can i use that works in newzealand without blowing up my new screen

the plug i have here that came with the screen is i-sheng sp-305BE55943 10A 125V 1250W


thanks for anyone that took the time to read this

would this work

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Re: Dell D3218HN new zealand plug issues

Since this was purchased from a 3rd party seller, not Dell, the 3rd party seller is the one that you should be contacting. This would be a customer issue with Newegg since that is where you purchased it and they either sold you the wrong model for your country or at least the wrong power cable.

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