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D6000 dock, late 2018 MacBook Pro 13

I've read in many places that the D6000 is capable of supporting 3 displays, and I know that my MBP 13" supports more than 3. I've also read of people simply installing the DisplayLink drivers on the MBP and all 3 working fine. However, for some reason I can only get 2 displays to be detected at a time be it DP or HDMI combo, or just 2x DP. Any assistance here getting this kick started would be great.

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Re: D6000 dock, late 2018 MacBook Pro 13

The D6000 and its DisplayLink were never tested/validated on the Apple operating system. Dell did not provide any specific Apple operating system drivers. See this D6000 article.




You should post the issue on the Apple Forum and see what other Apple users have done as far as Apple PC troubleshooting.


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