DDM, Hide engage overlay, Custom layout editor


I love the DDM application, however I have two requests:

Request 1:

Need a setting to hide the RED/Yellow overlay that is shown during dragging. I think this is the reason why dragging is slow and stutters a lot. 

As I already know the layout, I know where to drag windows. I would love to have a setting to hide these red/yellow borders.

I have tried toggling "HintShown" at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EnTech\DDM" but I think that's now what it does.

Request 2:

Making a custom layout is very difficult, and a custom layout creator, or someway to edit the points would be helpful.

Currently when you arrange the windows and save the custom layout, it's very difficult to get desired layout right. After many attempts I still have gaps between the windows.

A UI like Nvidia nView or Display Fusion would be much more helpful in creating custom layouts.




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Re: DDM, Hide engage overlay, Custom layout editor

Re: your #1, if you comfortable editing the registry, add and set the value "NoGridLines" to 1 (dword) under HKCU\Software\EnTech\DDM, and restart the program. You will need the latest DDM version here.

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