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DDM can't detect U 3014

Hi Chris,

I've noticed on this forum you have recommended a number of different "solutions" to DDM not detecting a number of different monitors (Nvida needs to patch their drivers to detect DP 1.2, install drivers for U 3014 when a different monitor is being used, reset everything to factory settings (wiping out any Cals), etc.).

None of these appear to be a problem with anything Dell is responsible for - is that just your good fortune or is Dell just unable to correct its problem?

BTW: I have a U 3014 and am attempting to use DDM ver 1554 to no avail, all I get is power cycle the monitor.

Incidentally, I had to go direct to download ver 1554 as the "auto update" always aborted the download probably due to a check if there was a Dell monitor attached - which of course the software thought there wasn't, preventing any update which might fix the non detect problem from being installed. Dell might fix this logic problem in its DDM update.

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RE: DDM can't detect U 3014

Replied to you on the other thread.

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