DELL 2407 WFP-HC no signal with DVI input, analog input works, warranty?

Hi,I'm posting here cause i have problem with my new dell monitor.

It is a dell 2407 wfp-HC which i bought in december 2007 when i was in USA. it worked well till 2 weeks ago. The monitor doesn't get dvi signal any more! i thought the video card could be defective, so i changed the card. i changed 3 cards but the monitor keeps showing 'no signal' unless i use the analog input. i changed the cabel too, but it doesn't help.

what can i do now? i called Dell Germany cause i now live in Germany but they told me, i have to get a confirmation from Dell USA that i buy it there, otherwise they cannot repair it for me. I called Dell USA, they told me i have to give a service express no. I dont have it, i just have the serial No.

It is: MX-0GM504-74262-7BU-3E0S

It is rev A00, made in Mexico.

Can the Administrator help me? Can Dell USA confirm it so that Dell Germany repair my monitor? I can not send it back to the USA cause it is too expensive. The monitor is not even 2 months old, i don't want a defective one after such a short-time usage. please help!
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Re: DELL 2407 WFP-HC no signal with DVI input, analog input works, warranty?


Please provide me with the following information in a private message so I can check the warranty status -
Shipping address:
Order number:
20 digit PPID number on the back of the monitor: MX0GM504742627BU3E0S

* Power off the PC
* Power off the monitor
* Disconnect the power cord from the monitor
* Disconnect all monitor cords from the PC video card
* While disconnected, press and hold the monitor power button down for 3 seconds
* Reconnect the DVI cord from the monitor to the PC video card
* Reconnect the power cord to the monitor
* Power on the monitor if it does not power on by itself
* Power on the PC
* Press the monitor Input button and switch to #2 DVI
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Re: DELL 2407 WFP-HC no signal with DVI input, analog input works, warranty?

Had a very similar problem.


Two weeks trying to get resolution through traditional Dell Support.

Finally they suggested "we may need to do a system restore - which will return your computer to the way it was the day you took it out of the box."

aka: You are going to have to wipe it clean, and reinstall everything - programs, data, and setting.

That became a great incentive to look alternatives.


Try this process... (Pieced together from other posts)...  It worked for me


Go to control panel - power options.

Change plan options.

Change "Turn off display" to:  Never

Save, etc.

Shut down system.

Power off BOTH displays during shutdown process.

Wait at least a minute or two...

In this order:
Power on both monitors.

Power on system.

If second monitor doesn't appear (which is likely)

Right click on desktop

Select Display Settings

Click on "Monitor 2"

Click Extend the desktop...

Click Apply

Click OK


If the monitor doesn't appear - repeat the power-off/restart routine.


You may also need to make a chance on your video card control panel.



Good luck.


from Texas....





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Re: DELL 2407 WFP-HC no signal with DVI input, analog input works, warranty?

Hi, Dennis,

Thanks for your help. i tried but still it stays black:-( seems to be a failure of the product.

don't know what i can do now with the monitor, no support...
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Re: DELL 2407 WFP-HC no signal with DVI input, analog input works, warranty?

Hi there, my monitor seems to have a similar problem, so I'll be calling support on Monday. I'm trying to hook my Xbox up using HDMI via the DVI port & it keep saying that there's no HDCP.

Originally when I received this unit as a warranty swap, I had the same problem trying to use DVI with my PC. I managed to find a solution for another monitor & video card that worked for me.

You need to have two outputs from your video card for this to work. Connect oneport to the monitor's DVI, and the other to the monitor's Analog port. When I did this, I was able to get a DVI image, which then let me disconnect the Analog port. It's been working happily now, until I've tried to get the Xbox running through the DVI.

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