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DELL U2414H connecting to laptop


Just unpacked the Dell monitor and tried connecting it via the cables provided to both laptops. My laptopbs, are Lenovo Yoga and a Dell Inspiron 1720. Only one cable provided has a usb connector on, which I assumed I should use as there are no slots on either laptop to take the plugs on the other lead provided. All I get is the No Display Port Cable message. 

Im no IT expert and can't understand the instructions as none of the leads are identified clearly in the instructions, not sure what I am supposed to do? Can you help? In plain English too please?

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Mary G

RE: DELL U2414H connecting to laptop

USB is not video. You need HDMI or DVI, display port or VGA cables to connect a monitor, depending on the available ports on both the computer and the monitor. If your computers don't have a display port you need a converter cable that you have to buy. For some examples--


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RE: DELL U2414H connecting to laptop

The U2414H shipped with the following cables as seen in the User's Guide pages 5/6.
DP Cable (Mini-DP to DP)
USB 3.0 (not for video)

The U2414H has the following video in ports as seen on pages 9/10.
DP in connector
Mini DisplayPort in connector
HDMI (MHL) port connector
HDMI (MHL) port connector

I cannot speak to the Lenovo Yoga.

The 2007 Inspiron 1720 has the blue VGA out port. VGA cannot up-convert to the U2414H DP or mDP in ports. You will need to get a computer VGA out port to HDMI monitor in port (VGA to HDMI) active converter.

Computer VGA out --> VGA to VGA cable --> VGA in/HDMI out adapter --> HDMI to HDMI cable --> Monitor HDMI in port

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