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DVI Cables included?

Just a short little rant... I bought two IN2030M for dual monitors back in January-February. Prior to buying them, I talked to a Dell customer service representative. Actually no, it was more of an argument than a discussion. I wanted them to include DVI cables with my monitors instead of (or in addition to) the regular VGA cables. It only makes sense that they should be included, or at least be an option for all DVI capable monitors. Dell is the #1 company for monitors, and they wouldn't even provide DVI cables with their lower-end models that use DVI? The representative insisted that it wasn't going to happen, so I eventually gave up and ended up buying them separately. But now, I come back to the Dell website and everything has changed. I guess someone took me seriously and decided that Dell needed to get with the program. The only cable that Dell does not supply are HDMI cables, while some monitors include Displayport cables and some dont, but they do appear to always include DVI cables. I still think Dell is being cheap and should always supply (or have the option to supply) all/any cables that the monitor is capable of utilizing.

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Re: DVI Cables included?

Hi TwistyTravster,

Thanks for posting your comments and bringing this to our notice. Customer feedback plays an important role in evaluating our products and services and I'm glad you've taken time to write about this. However this may not be the correct forum to put forth your ideas. Please share your ideas here so that they may be implemented sometime in the future.

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Satya P
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