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Dead panel on 2709Wb monitor

I requested replacement of a 27" monitor that stopped working and is currently within its NBD (Next Business Day) warranty.
I have been told that I will be contacted in the following days or weeks and I will be told whether a replacement has been found or not.

Such monitor is crucial, for it serves, via KVM-switching, all of our company servers in the Data Center (that we cannot access now, for we have remote access disabled for security best practices), plus two vital workstations.

Isn't the whole point of purchasing a Next Business Day warranty the fact that you get a replacement in the Next Business Day, if the product suddendly stops operating?

Isn't Dell responsability to mantain a stock of extra products for NBD replacement?
We wouldn't have bought the product in the first place, if we had known that the warranty can't be fulfilled because Dell runs out of replacement monitors.

Is it possible to get a refund corresponding to the current price of the product, in order to be able to purchase a new one with no extra delay?

Thank you,
Unai Vivi

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Re: Dead panel on 2709Wb monitor

I purchased a Dell monitor (the top-notch, the most expensive one, 1500$ worth of 27" productivity, with 3 yeards NBD warranty) for the sole and ultimate purpose of having that warranty respected in case of failure...

Now, after more than 2 years of fine operation, the monitor dies, and I get nothing from Dell (except being bounced to and fro from a support operator to another).

So, let me look at this: if Dell doesn't fulfill their part of contract is fine... If a customer (hypothetically) doesn't fulfill their part of the contract (i.e. paying) I'm sure this second case gets dealt with very fast...

The point is that, economically, it's much worse for Dell to have a disgruntled customer (who will report his bad experience with colleagues, suppliers, customers, friends and family) rather than simply respecting their NDB warranty obligation and find a quick substitute for a defective prouct whose failure is halting the workflow of a customer company.

What is happening is so absurd...

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Re: Dead panel on 2709Wb monitor


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