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Deciding between the Ultrasharp U2711 and U2410.


I am trying to decide between these two monitors and I have concerns about each.    

My uses are:

  • Photo editing (photoshop)
  • Film editing
  • Office functions (work, excel, etc.)


1)  Reviews indicate that many of the monit0rs have a tint problem.    I do photo editing and this would be an issue.  Has DELL resolved this.

2)  Reviews indicate a dithering issue which a fix corrects.   How can I be sure to get a monitor that has this fix?

3)  I have ordered a DELL  with a   1GB ATI FirePro V4800:    Will this work well with this monitor?



1)  This monitor gets rave reviews, but it criticized for its fuzzy and or small and unreadable text.   Can you comment?

2)  Reviews complain about the monitor coating.   Are there remedies if this is an issue?

3)   have ordered a DELL  with a   1GB ATI FirePro V4800:    Will this work well with this monitor?



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Re: Deciding between the Ultrasharp U2711 and U2410.

I got my U2711 just this week.

Text is perfectly legible, but your graphics card MUST support DVI-D dual cables. Otherwise it really is unreadable! The monitor comes with the right cable, but your graphics card needs to support it as well. Most modern cards should with no problem.

I use this monitor for development work and also for gaming. It was a toss up between 3D and pixels. I gave in to pixels. Glad I did! Smiley Happy

I don't know about the ATI card, but check that its maximum resolution either meets, or exceeds the monitor's 2560x1440

The screen comes colour calibrated as well, and makes my little work laptop's screen's white look positively orange! It's also brill for movies.

I can thoroughly recommend the AY511 soundbar as well, but I was disappointed to find that this soundbar doesn't use the monitor's pass-through power connector. It does sound very good, and because it's black it disappears into the bottom of the screen.

I upgraded from a Dell 2005FPW to this monster of a screen. I nearly got the U3011 but I use a laptop plugged into one of the other inputs and it wouldn't be supported.

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Re: Deciding between the Ultrasharp U2711 and U2410.

I can possibly answer some of your questions.

I have both the 2410 and the 2711. My principle application is photo editing. I have been doing serious photography for 45 years. These are magnificent units but the 2711 especially, with the additional, smaller pixels.

U2410 TINT PROBLEM:  I am not aware of this with either unit. I always use custom settings and calibrate using Spyder Pro. If you are calibrating (and you should, for serious photo work) any tint is eliminated. The factory presets may be a convenience for many owners but I would rather calibrate myself. Non-issue.

Medical Note: Persons having cataract onset will experience a yellowish tint but it's not in the monitor and calibration will not solve the problem. Cataract tint can become noticeable long before acuity of vision is affected. I am speaking from experience on this point.

U2410 DITHERING PROBLEM: Not on mine. It was manufactured late 2010 so perhaps fixed (if ever present) by then. If you order today it should be fine.

U2711 FUZZY TEXT: The pixels are significantly smaller at 2550 X 1440 than on a 1900 X 1200 display. Text will be smaller than you expect if not re-scaled. This is normal and to be expected The obvious solution is to re-scale for display purposes in your browser or other application. Different browsers do this differently. Most software has a feature for re-scaling to the monitor at a convenient font-size. The text is NOT fuzzy at any size. In fact, it is exceptionally sharp (on my unit, at least) but at the smallest sizes some people's vision may be insufficiently sharp to render the text sharply. Acuity of this monitor has to be seen to be believed. Fine photographs look almost as sharp as they do on glossy paper. Non-issue. This is the un-fuzziest monitor I have ever used.

U2711 COATING: I am puzzled by this. The U2711 avoids the glossy, reflective coating so many of us have become conditioned to. I hate this fad. The glossy coatings pick up every room reflection and you can sometimes even see your own face in the monitor. Why do people think this is a good thing? It's nonsense. Dell understands the importance of image quality and goes with a flat, non-reflective LCD cover. As a photographer I would have nothing else. Non-issue. Dell does this right and most other manufacturers have it wrong.

Those are the main points.

I don't know about the V4800 which is a workstation card. I am using the 2411 on an ATI 4650 and the 2711 on ATI 5850 with no problems whatsoever running native mode resolution in each case.


Best wishes,



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Re: Deciding between the Ultrasharp U2711 and U2410.

JH, I just ordered the 2711 today and also do photo editing and some video work (only what I capture in my DSLR and it's not that much). I've been concerned ever since hitting the Buy button that I might have made a mistake. Not any more, after reading your post, I'm happy and can't wait to get it. I thought about killing my wallet with the 3011 but then realized it's still the same 2560 pixels across, and with a smaller dot pitch, the image will be that much finer in quality. I was concerned about the 16:9 ratio after 5 years of 16:10 on my 1920x1200 monitor and laptop, but then common sense kicked in: I have 240 more vertical pixels then before! I'm a little slow sometimes...


Thanks for your write up!



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