Dell Canada Monitor Support - Nonexistant?

Hello all.

About a week ago my 2408wfp lcd monitor was not working properly.  Any areas that were supposed to be black was displaying Red Snow Distortion.  This was occurring over all inputs.

I called the support numbers available from the Dell Canada support links only to get bounced from operator to operator in India.  Everyone kept telling me that they were TV Support, Laptop Support, Dell Systems Support, Printer Support and kept transferring me between them all.  Several of them also told me that they were Dell US support and gave me a phone number that was supposedly Dell Canada.  The number they gave me only turned out to be the same number that I had just called and led me to that person.

Eventually I was given a number that led me to some Dell USA support IN America (imagine that).  It was some Business Touchscreen support center for USA.  She told me that I had the wrong department.  I explained my situation to the tech that I was trying without any success to get any Dell Canada support.  I asked if she had any resources for a phone number for Canada Support.  She put me on hold for about 10 minutes.  She came back on and told me that she would start the RMA process for me and took my information (Bless her!!!).  She told me to expect an email in a couple of days.

To my suprise the next morning at 9am a replacement monitor was at my door.

Should it have been that hard to get support for my product in Canada???

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Re: Dell Canada Monitor Support - Nonexistant?

Of course not, but this is what Dell and many large corporations have become.  Try getting what you need at Motorola (for cell phones) or any of the various tech support lines using offshore support.  It is a very hit-or-miss situation.  Count your blessings you had a great resolution to the problem.

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RE: Dell Canada Monitor Support - Nonexistant?

I had a wonderful tech help experience from a tech in southern India...I live in Alberta monitor was booting up to a blank screen but I could still see stuff like task manager etc....turns out it was a vositron need to replace the motherboard etc...I keep hearing an avalanche of negativity about peoples experiences with Dell but I have had nothing but good experiences...

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