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Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request

It will be really nice to has hotkeys in dell display manager.

1) brightness/contrast: during a day I need to change it

like button + scroll

2) Modes and Arranges hotkeys

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RE: Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request

There are command-line parameters that allow you to do some of this.

  ddm.exe /IncControl 10  //to increase brightness

  ddm.exe /IncControl 12  //to increase contrast

  ddm.exe /DecControl 10  //to decrease brightness

  ddm.exe /DecControl 12  //to decrease contrast

Use in conjunction with ordinary Windows shortcuts to bind to hotkeys of your choice.

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RE: Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request


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RE: Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request

That's great information (that I have yet to find anywhere else)! Are there any command line parameters for Dell monitors set up as secondary monitors? Are there any other command line parameters that perform any other settings change?



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RE: Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request

The current release of DDM documents most of the command language in the readme that shown when you install it.  

Command language
A rich and flexible command language is supported via the
command-line, and command-line arguments can be combined.
Where appropriate, a specific display can be targeted by
prefacing the command with the display number, e.g.,
"2:AutoSetup"; if a display number is not specified the
command will be applied to the current selected display
or to all displays, as appropriate. Commands include:
SetActiveInput [DVI2/HDMI/DP2,etc] - switches active input
SetControl X Y - sets hex control X to hex value Y
IncControl X Y - increases the value of control X by Y
DecControl X Y - decreases the value of control X by Y
RestoreFactoryDefaults - restores factory defaults*
AutoSetup - executes an autosetup (analog only)*
RestoreLevelDefaults - restores level defaults*
RestoreColorDefaults - restores color defaults*
SetBrightnessLevel X - sets brightness to X% (0-100)*
SetContrastLevel X - sets contrast to X% (0-100)*
SetNamedPreset [Movie/CAL1,etc] - changes the Preset mode*
SetPowerMode [on/off] - sets the display power mode*
SetOptimalResolution - switches to optimal resolution
SaveProfile [Name] - save VCP(s) to named profile*
RestoreProfile [Name] - restore VCP(s) from named profile*
DeleteProfile [Name] - delete named profile
SetGridType - changes Easy Arrange grid type to X
Rescan - rescans display hardware
Exit - terminates the program
Some of these commands require familiarity with the MCCS
standard. For example, the command to switch the OSD
language to Spanish would be "SetControl CC 0A"; to unlock
an OSD that has been inadvertently locked "SetControl CA 02".
Instructions can be combined on the command-line, and
assigned to standard Windows shortcuts with optional hotkeys.
For example:
  "ddm.exe /RestoreLevelDefaults /2:SetContrastLevel 70"
would first restore level defaults on all monitors, and then
set the contrast level on monitor #2 to 70%.
NB: If not targeted to a specific monitor, commands listed
above that are tagged with an asterisk (*) apply to all
monitors to facilitate simple and uniform control over all
members of a multimonitor matrix. For instance, if executed
on a matrix of 16 identical monitors, the command-line:
  "ddm.exe /SetNamedPreset Warm /SetBrightnessLevel 75"
would set all 16 monitors to Warm preset mode, with a
brightness level of 75%.

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RE: Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request

Hey, I trie these parameters in CMD with and without administrator permissions, but nothing happens.

Can you please help me?

In CMD: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Dell Display Manager>ddm.exe /IncControl 10"

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RE: Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request

What do you mean by "nothing happens"? You aren't specifying a value to increase brightness by, so it will default to 1 - which would hardly be noticeable. Instead of "/IncControl 10", try "IncControl 10 15".

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RE: Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request

Thanks! Yes I missed the second value!

Have a nice weekend.

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RE: Dell Display Manager Hotkey Request

Hello I made .bat and .vbs file for this use



1. For this to work you need to have Dell display monitor manager installed

2. You need to have 64 bit OS or you need to edit path to program

3. Put folder Monitor with files on root of disk C

4. To increase brightness double click "Increase_brightness.vbs"

5. To decrease brightness double click "decrease_brightness.vbs"

You can run .vbs with some program for schortcut for example I Use Razer Synapse.

Good luck

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