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Dell IN2010N



I was wondering if there exists a driver for Windows 2003 from some other source as Dell don't have one on their website.


Thank you.

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Re: Dell IN2010N

Did you try installing the XP inf driver? <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

* Download the monitor driver to your desktop
* Doubleclick the downloaded file from your desktop
* Unzip the driver into its own folder on the desktop
* Open the Device Manager
* Click the icon left of Monitors
* Double click the monitor listed
* Click the Driver tab
* Click the Update Driver button
* Click No, not at this time
* Click Next
* Dot Install from a list or specific location
* Click Next
* Click Don't search. I will choose the driver to install
* Click Next
* Click Have Disk
* Click Browse and navigate to the folder on your desktop that has the unzipped monitor inf file
* Click the monitor inf file
* Click Open
* Click OK
* Click your monitor and the port your using (DVI or VGA)
* Click Next
* Click Finish


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