Dell ST2210 Monitor Problem- Monitor Automatically adjusting itself

Dear All 

I wondered whether anyone can help. 

I have a Inspiron 545 and a ST2210 monitor.  A few months ago the preset mode buttons on the bottom right hand side of the screen started to appear automatically and the screen would adjust itself non-stop.  Pressing the buttons manually would cease the problem for a while.  I also bought an air duster spray and this seemed to work for a bit but now either options work.

In fact the problem has worsened in so much the the automatic adjustment is constant and I can't manually turn the monitor off using the on-off button, I have to physically disconnect the power cable.  The only changes since buying the computer a year ago is that I have upgraded to Windows 7 and I moved a month ago, although the problem started prior to the move but has worsened since.

Any advice would be much appreciated as this problem is really annoying me! 

Many thanks in advance. 






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